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Mathematics & Statistics

Minor in Statistics

The statistics minor offers students a way to complement and enhance their major, while receiving valuable training in statistics. Students take 20 credit hours of coursework including statistics and calculus classes. Statistics students learn to utilize statistical techniques to discover and investigate patterns, build preventative models, and control variability to improve decision making. The science of statistics is a broad and challenging field. Its breadth can be seen in the way its ideas and techniques have found application in almost every field of study. Statistics has contributed organizational and analytical techniques that provide new insights in fields that range from the physical life and sciences to business, law, history, literature, and the social sciences. Completing a minor makes an undergraduate degree more appealing to potential employers and further prepares students for graduate school. The minor requires 20 credit hours with grades of C or better and at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor.

Course Requirements

  • MATH-221 Calculus I (4) or MATH-211 Applied Calculus I (4)
  • STAT-202 Basic Statistics (4) or STAT-203 Basic Statistics with Calculus (4)
  • Four courses in statistics (STAT-xxx) at the 300 level or above (MATH-501 Probability may also be used as one of the four)
    NOTE: Students may select only one of STAT-302 Intermediate Statistics, or STAT-514 Statistical Methods for credit toward the minor.