The Math/Stat Colloquium:"Improving Statistical Literacy through Supplemental Instruction" a Lecture by Aleka Kapatou AU

, Gray Hall, Bentley Meeting Room

Updated 4/18/14

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support system designed to increase retention of students in typically difficult classes, such as mathematics and statistics. Unlike remedial programs, SI is open to all students who feel they need help in a particular course. The students are helped by discussing questions and solving problems with a student leader who has taken the course previously and did well. The student leaders are not teaching assistants, because they are trained by the SI program to present the material in a way complementary to the method the professor uses. In addition to the students who benefit from the support, the student leaders also benefit from this program: the student leaders are usually majoring in the field they support and this experience provides them with additional training and also helps retain them in the field. In this study, the performance of students in Introductory Statistics with SI support will be compared to the performance of those without SI support. The SI program is currently offered in 1400 US colleges and universities, as well as other countries. It can easily be applied to many educational settings to improve the education of students all over the world.
Mathematics & Statistics

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