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Mathematics & Statistics | Quantitative Analysis

MS in Professional Science: Quantitative Analysis

American University’s master’s degree in quantitative analysis is a two-year interdisciplinary program that provides students with rigorous training in the sciences coupled with coursework in management.

This curriculum provides students with the tools necessary to be competitive in jobs that require:

  • Biostatistics
  • Predictive modeling
  • Data mining

A capstone project and internship, along with professional development activities, prepares students with workplace relevant activities to deepen their understanding of quantitative and management methods.

Graduates of this program will be competitive for employment in industry and within government. Opportunities are plentiful with consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and within the financial industry.

MS Quantitative Analysis Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • 33 credit hours of approved graduate work
  • Capstone Experience: 6 credit hours in approved 600-level, with grades of B or better
  • Students participate in noncredit workshops and seminars on professional skills and current issues in sciences and technology. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in these areas as part of the capstone project, internship, and compulsory presentation.


Course Requirements

Core (6)

  • STAT-515 Regression (3)
  • STAT-524 Data Analysis (3)

Capstone Experience (6 credits)

  • STAT-690 Independent Study Project in Statistics (3)
  • STAT-691 Internship in Statistics (3)

Management and Business Skills (6 credits)

  • 6 credit hours from the following:
  • MGMT-611 Leading and Managing Change (3)
  • MGMT-633 Leading People and Organizations (3)
  • MGMT-634 Leading Teams in Modern Organizations (3)
  • MGMT-665 Negotiations (3)

Electives (15 credits)
  • 15 credit hours from the following:
  • STAT-510 Introduction to Survey Sampling (3)
  • STAT-516 Design of Experiments (3)
  • STAT-517 Special Topics in Statistical Methodology (3)
  • STAT-519 Nonparametric Statistics (3)
  • STAT-520 Applied Multivariate Analysis (3)
  • STAT-521 Analysis of Categorical Data (3)
  • STAT-522 Time-Series Analysis (3)
  • STAT-525 Statistical Software (3)
  • STAT-530 Mathematical Statistics I (3)
  • STAT-531 Mathematical Statistics II (3)
  • STAT-584 Introduction to Stochastic Processes (3)



Career Paths

Financial researcher
Market risk analyst
Quantitative analyist
Statistical analyst