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Mathematics & Statistics | Student Profiles

Alumnae & Alumni

Christina Chiu

San Francisco, CA
Major: MS in Applied Statistics, '05

Since 2005, I have been working as a senior credit risk analyst for a mortgage company. The mortgage company wanted to use my stats background to develop predictive models.


Robyn A. LeBoeuf

New Orleans, LA and York, PA
Majors: Psychology and Statistics, '97

LeBoeuf started at American University as an International Studies major, but the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences soon won her over, and she chose a double-major in psychology and statistics. LeBoeuf received her PhD in Cognitive Psychology at Princeton University.


Jason Richwine

Landsdale, PA
Majors: Math and Political science, '04

In the midst of an election year, Jason Richwine understands more about the power of voting than most campaign advisors. Richwine, winner of an American University 2003 CAS Research Award, used math to determine the relative power of individual states in presidential elections. Now, Richwine is working on his PhD in Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.


Mark Terry

Majors: Mathematics and Physics, '95
Mark Terry is now a registered patent attorney in Florida concentrating exclusively on patent, trademark, copyright and licensing matters. He focuses primarily on the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and international patent and trademark applications, as well as related litigation, including enforcement.


Sarah Gourlie

Wethersfield, CT
Major: Math with minor in music

Sarah Gourlie combines her interests in both math and music as she works toward her career goal in acoustical engineering at American University. "I love both music and math and I wanted to find a way to enjoy both in my career," said Gourlie.


Samir Safi

Gaza, Palestine
Major: PhD in Statistics, 2004

Samir Safi got his Master degree in Statistics in 1998, and PhD in Statistics in 2004. He is now an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine. He has authored several statistics research papers in the area of time series analysis. More precisely, he has worked on comparing estimators in regression models with auto-correlated disturbances and studied when Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) is efficient. He has also worked on computer simulations of time series models to determine the efficiency of OLS in the presence of autocorrelated disturbances, and he considers the robustness of various estimators, including estimated generalized least squares.