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Mathematics | Selected Student Profiles

Raymond LaRochelle

What is your background?
I obtained my math BS at UC Santa Barbara in 2011. I've studied math in Chile, and during my undergrad career I created a senior thesis on Applications of Non-standard analysis to Hyperbolic Geometry. I love complex analysis and math education, and focused most of my studies on those two areas.

Why did you choose the math graduate program at AU?
I chose to study math at AU because of its friendly environment. The professors are very involved with your work and push you to study other areas beyond just the classroom material. The first time I talked to Dr. Casey (during summer), he gave me six books that I should check out. Of course, during the summer I only managed to get through two of them.

What internships/research/work have you done while in the program?
As of right now I am working with two other students on a project with Dr. Casey on his studies in sampling theory. We are using matlab to create better ways to study waves with lots of noise. I'll also be working with Dr. Casey on my master's project, on how to better represent a hyperbolic world.

What do you hope to do with the degree?
I plan on pursuing a math education PhD, since this is where I have found my true passion. I'll always love math, but I love math education even more. I have applied to six programs so far and I am waiting for their responses.