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Statistics (MS)

Offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences.

Admission to the Program

In addition to meeting the minimum university requirements for graduate study, applicants will be expected to have an adequate background in the mathematical sciences. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are required. Students entering the MS program without the appropriate background will be expected to take certain undergraduate courses as prerequisite work.

Degree Requirements

  • 30-33 credit hours of approved graduate work
    • Thesis option: 30 credit hours
    • Nonthesis option: 33 credit hours
  • Tool of research: proficiency in French, German, Russian, an approved computer language, or an approved analytical skill such as numerical, complex, or real analysis
  • Written comprehensive examination
  • Research requirement:

Course Requirements

Required (21 credit hours)

Thesis or Nonthesis Option (9-12 credit hours)

Thesis Option (9 credit hours)

Nonthesis Option (12 credit hours)