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CAS Museum 2009 winter Moyer

Carrie Moyer: Painting Propaganda

January 24 through March 15, 2009

Roberta Smith describes Carrie Moyer's paintings as "bracing blasts from several pasts that look surprisingly contemporary because of the deliberation with which they are made. Starting with the elegant earthiness of raw, unbleached canvas, Ms. Moyer builds thin, levitating strata of contrasting colors, forms and techniques, each with its own set of historical, stylistic and physical references." This exhibition is presented in concert with the 16th annual Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference sponsored by American University's Department of Anthropology to be held on campus February 13–15.


(Top left) Carrie Moyer, Affiche #8 (May '68), 2002
Acrylic, glitter on canvas. 50 x 42 inches.
Courtesy of the artist.

(Top right) Carrie Moyer, Own Desires Will Build the Revolution, 2004.
Acrylic, glitter on canvas. 84 x 72 inches.
Courtesy of the artist.