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Cole Sternberg, complicit nature of the US government

Cole Sternberg: and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

November 7 through December 20, 2009

Renowned L.A.–based artist Cole Sternberg presents an exhibition of works that blends the fields of international law and contemporary art to critically analyze human rights and the application of international law. Sternberg's works address a variety of human rights concerns from humankind's historical genocidal nature to U.S. government-sanctioned torture to Chinese labor camps.

Image top: Cole Sternberg, complicit nature of the US government, 2009.
Watercolor, spray paint, and acrylic on canvas.
Courtesy of the Celebrity Vault, Beverly Hills, CA.

Image right: Cole Sternberg, Some Things Never Change, 2009.
Watercolor, spray paint, ink on canvas. 

Sternberg, Some Things Never Change