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CAS Museum 2008 fall ko

Jae Ko: Ten Year Retrospective

November 11 through December 21, 2008

Japanese-born Jae Ko came to the United States to earn her MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Since her graduation ten years ago, she has become one of the most consistent and inventive sculptors in the Mid-Atlantic region. Her sculptural variations on the manipulation and coloring of tightly wound spools of paper transcend their materials and transform their space. As described by Nord Wennerstun in Artforum International, "Jae Ko uses large, tightly bound spools of adding-machine paper that she wraps, folds, and contorts like toffee."


(Top left) Jae Ko, JK650, 2008
14 x 27 x 10 in. Rolled paper, calligraphy ink, glue.
Courtesy Marsha Mateyka Gallery.

(Top right)Jae Ko, JK260, 2002
31 x 31 x 5 in. Rolled paper, sumi ink.
Courtesy Marsha Mateyka Gallery.