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CAS Museum 2009 winter Kugach

Kugach, Kugach, Kugach:
Three Generations of Russian Artists

January 31 through March 15, 2009

Working in Russia’s strong academic tradition, Yuri Kugach, born in 1917, was one of the finest artists in post-revolution Russia. His son Mikhail Kugach, born in 1939, was former chairman of the Moscow Artists Union and former director of the Moscow Art Institute. Yuri’s granddaughter Ekateri, born in 1965, and grandson Van, born in 1972, are also well-known artists. This exhibition is organized by Global Arts Network and sponsored in part by the Embassy of the Russian Federation.


(Top left) Ivan Kugach, Autumn, 1999.
Oil on panel.
Courtesy of Lazare Gallery and Paul & Roxanne Fantl.

(Top right) Yuri Kugach, Bachelor, 1993.
Oil on panel.
Courtesy of Lazare Gallery and John & Kathy Wurdeman.