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CAS Museum 2009 spring Lajos

Lajos Vajda

March 17 through April 19, 2009

This exhibition is the first comprehensive survey in the United States of the work of Lajos Vajda, the greatest master of twentieth-century art in Hungary. His works influenced that of the Budapest-based European School (1945–48), as well as subsequent generations of Hungarian and Central European artists. The exhibition presents collages, paintings, and graphic works from Vajda's Parisian photomontages to his late monumental charcoal drawings, culled from mainly European private and public collections.


(Top left)Lajos Vajda, Prehistoric Vegetation, (1940).
900 x 1260 mm. Charcoal on paper.

(Top right)Lajos Vajda, Self Portrait with Architecture
Lajos Vajda, Self Portrait with Architecture, (1936)
453 x 317 mm, Charcoal, pencil on board.