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Cas Museum 2009 spring Robin Rose

Robin Rose: Cypher

April 7 through May 17, 2009

Long considered one of the world's masters of encaustic painting, D.C.–based Robin Rose will be exhibiting his new multidimensional, multimedia work.

"This exhibition has given me the opportunity to introduce a completely new body of work. The time is right. I have always been interested in narrative, especially narratives with hidden or covert meanings. These new pieces parallel my paintings, yet exist in a unique universe of ideas and emotions. Where my paintings may hint at known metaphors, this exhibition addresses them directly. I have used things from my immediate environment, objects that resonate with my needs for utility and mystery. "
—Robin Rose


(Top left) Robin Rose, Crafty, 2008.
Model airplane with handmade stool. 54 x 30 in.
Courtesy of the artist & Hemphill Fine Arts.

(Top right) Robin Rose, Ancestor, 2009.
Encaustic painting with two pairs of bronze shoes. 30 x 30 in.
Courtesy of the artist & Hemphill Fine Arts.