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CAS Museum 2009 Intl Science

International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

June 27 through August 16, 2009


Some of science's most powerful statements are not made in words. From the diagrams of DaVinci to Rosalind Franklin's x-rays, visualization of research has a long and literally illustrious history. To illustrate is to enlighten.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the journal Science created the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge to celebrate that grand tradition -- and to encourage its continued growth. The spirit of the competition is for communicating science, engineering and technology for education and journalistic purposes.



(Top left) What Lies behind Our Nose?
2007 First Place (tie) Photography.
Credit: Kai-hung Fung,
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital.

(Top right) Modeling the Flight of a Bat.
2007 First Place Informational Graphics.
Credit: Kenneth S. Breuer, David J. Willis, Mykhaylo Kostandov, Daniel K. Riskin, Jaime Peraire,
David H. Laidlaw, Sharon M. Swartz.

(Right) Squidsuckers: The Little Monsters That Feed the Beast.
2008 Honorable Mention Photography.
Credit: Jessica D. Schiffman and Caroline L. Schauer,
Drexel University.