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Ad Infinitum

November 8 through December 14, 2014

Letha Wilson, Concrete Snowbank,

Letha Wilson, Concrete Snowbank, 2011.
Unique C-print, museum board, plywood, cement, 29" x 16 1/2" x 10".
Courtesy of the Artist.

Letha Wilson, Bryce Canyon Cement Pour

Letha Wilson, Bryce Canyon Cement Pour, 2011.
Wood frame, glass, cement, color photograph, plywood, 17" x 13" x 2"
Courtesy of the Artist.

3 Installation view, Ian Pedigo

3 Installation view, Ian Pedigo

Exhibition Overview

Curated by Lauren Rice and Brian Barr, Ad Infinitum brings together the work of Clifford Borress, Ian Pedigo, and Letha Wilson, all asked to create new, site-specific works for this exhibition. Each artist will explore the relationship between form and context to investigate the possibilities of meaning embedded within aesthetic experience. They explore the space between discursive research-based practice and formal or heuristic approaches to installation, exhibition, and display of ideas.