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Susanne Kessler: Jerusalem

November 7 through December 13, 2015

Drawing Jerusalem with wire construct

Susanne Kessler
, Drawing Jerusalem with wire construct, 2015
Drawing Jerusalem with wire construct

Susanne Kessler, Jerusalem, 2015.
Installation at American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, 27' 8" x 18' 5" x 8' 4" 

Jerusalem Hebrew script


Tracing the lines of the city map of Jerusalem with pencil or wire, again and again, like a mantra or prayer, allows Susanne Kessler to feel close to Jerusalem—the city of mankind. A city where three monotheistic religions come together, Jerusalem is a geographic gateway between the East and the West, a place where conflicts have influence on the world. Kessler's exhibition will speak to its architecture to bring forth the ideas of transparency, continuity, difference and conflict in a passage-like environment.

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The Washington Post, December 4, 2015