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BRAVOS: Groundbreaking Spanish Design



BRAVOS: Groundbreaking Spanish Design

April 2 through May 15, 2011

BRAVOS introduces American audiences to new works by some of the most talented and successful young Spanish designers. The exhibition features 21 designers from throughout Spain, including internationally renowned Jaime Hayon and Patricia Urquiola, experimental and innovative Curro Claret and Nacho Carbonell, and well-established designers such as Martin Azua, Marti Guixe and Antoni Arola. The works portray a remarkable diversity of styles and techniques representing the best product design from the Spanish Design Boom. BRAVOS is curated by Spanish design expert Juli Capella and is produced by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and co-organized by the American University Museum and the Embassy of Spain.

View the digital version of the exhibition catalogue.

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The exhibition is part of the program SPAIN ARTS & CULTURE 2011.