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Re-viewing Documentary: The Photographic Life of Louise Rosskam



Re-viewing Documentary:
The Photographic Life of Louise Rosskam

September 3 through December 14, 2011

This major retrospective examines the work of Louise Rosskam (1910-2003), an elusive pioneer of the "golden age" of American documentary photography. It features her poignant photographs of a Southwest, Washington, D.C. neighborhood before its destruction for urban renewal projects. It highlights her compelling images of Puerto Rico, as it developed from an impoverished U.S. possession to an industrialized commonwealth—the political status of which remains a contested issue. Guest curated by James Madison University Professor Laura Katzman and Library of Congress Curator Beverly W. Brannan.

The exhibition and book are supported by grants from Michael D. Abrams (AU, JD Law ’85), Daniel and Jane Solomon of the Woodbury Fund, the Judith Rothschild Foundation, and James Madison University. The book is published by the American University Museum in association with Penn State University Press and is available for purchase at the Katzen Museum Store.

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