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Museum | Patrick Graham: Thirty Years

Patrick Graham: Thirty Years—The Silence Becomes the Painting

June 9 through August 12, 2012

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to view the works of Ireland’s most influential contemporary artist. Patrick Graham creates meditations in the form of landscapes and iconic imagery that touch upon questions pertaining to reality, the meaning of life, and the search for faith in a world of diminishing absolutes. The artist describes his work as “A looking-in, rather than a lived experience. That ‘looking-in on things’ has stayed with me: a self contained art.”

Patrick Graham: Thirty Years–The Silence Becomes the Painting was organized by Meridian Gallery/Society for Art Publications and curated by Peter Selz.

Culture Ireland

Patrick Graham, Family Portrait, 1989. Courtesy of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles.
Patrick Graham, Family Portrait, 1989.