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Washington Sculptors Group

September 1 through April 21


Steven Jones, Meat Kiddie Ride

Steven Jones
Meat Kiddie Ride, 2011

36 x 30 x 24 in.
Vinyl and steel

Exhibition Overview

Platforms is an outdoor sculpture exhibition presented in the Myrtle Berlin Katzen Sculpture Garden curated by Jeff Spaulding and featuring the work of Damian Yanessa, Patrick McGowen, Kate Kauffman, Steven Jones, Linda Hesh, Robert Bickey, Greg Braun, and M Frank. In his curator statement, Spaulding poses the following: “Although the function of a platform, broadly defined, is to provide support and focus, its value lies in what is supported. What is now possible? This exhibition is meant to address what that might be.”

Kate Kauffman, Clamp Series Double

Kate Kauffman
Clamp Series Double, 2011

22 x 12 x 14 in.
Cast aluminum, framing glass, ink

Damian Yanessa, Virtual Space

Damian Yanessa
Virtual Space, 2012

Variable dimensions
Monofilament, water, found object, steel, cement.

Damian Yanessa, Virtual Space

Linda Hesh
Lawn Series, 2011-2012

Variable dimensions
Plastic, wood, steel

M Frank, Jane Addams' Chair

M Frank
Jane Addams' Chair, 2012

24 x 16 x 22 in.
Lacquer-finished, copper-plated fabricated steel

Patrick McGowan, Root Pull

Patrick McGowan
Root Pull, 2012

90 x 52 x 39 in.
Traffic cones, asphalt, concrete, rebar, dirt

Robert Bickey, Untitled (Wait and Litter)

Robert Bickey,
Untitled (Wait and Litter) (detail), 2011

Variable dimensions
Steel, vinyl, bouncing balls

Robert Bickey, Untitled (Wait and Litter)

Greg Braun
Grassy Knoll Overlap, 2012

16' 7" x 6' 2" x 12'
Synthetic grass, plywood, wood, aluminum

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