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Early Fall Exhibitions

September 12 through October 18, 2015

Pulse of the Future

September 12 - October 18, 2015

Contemporary Chinese Art captured the world's attention in the 1980s. Now the next generation is coming of age and staking its own claim for artistic precedence.


Blood Mirror

September 12 - October 18, 2015 

Blood Mirror, organized by artist Jordan Eagles, seeks to create an open dialogue and effect change around the US Food & Drug Administration's current discriminatory policy on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. The exhibition will include a powerful sculpture created from the blood of 9 gay men.

Watch MSNBC's "Shift" for a sneak peak and read The Huffington Post's coverage of the Blood Mirror exhibition. For a full press listing, visit our Facebook page.



Gerhardt Knodel: Let the Games Begin!

September 12 - October 18, 2015

In new work by Gerhardt Knodel, gaming-based strategies provide both a visual and conceptual point of entry. Like game playing, involvement often yields unexpected consequences. Approached as pure entertainment, games can evolve into unexpected experiences with both a lighter and a darker side, subtle shifts in expectation relative to outcome. Likewise with art.

His work poses questions about art and life in the 21st century. Can the act and associations of playing a game be visually communicated? Can the rush of excitement that comes with winning be found in objects that are physically quiet and experienced at a distance? Can the frustration of playing games that cannot be won become a link in understanding the goals of art in which there are no right or wrong answers?
His work centers on four groups of work — conceptual games with historic textiles; visual games; dexterity games; and gaming with ideas about art. Each of the groups leads the viewer to art experiences inspired by thoughts about competition, accumulation and loss, human relationships, mind manipulation, the endless repetition of the patterns of life, and the tension between informed authority and self-discovered knowledge. Knodel intends the work to provoke consideration of links to the world of textiles in unexpected and provocative ways.

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