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Early Fall Exhibitions

Opening September 6th

Memorial Modeling:
Peter Belyi and Petr Shvetsov

September 6 - October 19

The installations created by Peter Belyi and Petr Shvetsov refer to a specific doctrine of so-called 'monumental propaganda' that the artists have been developing in recent years. This exhibition is heavily influenced by the artists' shared experience of the collapse of the Soviet Union during their youth. The work comments on the unifying characteristics of suspicion and detachment of all youth that endured the tempestuous times of the collapse. The deliberate use of rude, rough materials and the brutality of approach to their work is representative of the global sorrow they strive to portray.



September 6 - October 19

Curated by artist, art theorist, and Corcoran College of Art and Design professor Mark Cameron Boyd, Readymade@100 celebrates the 100th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp's readymade concept. This juried exhibition includes contemporary artist's submissions of "new" readymades that significantly expand upon Duchamp's originary idea, thus celebrating Duchamp's vision and developing the concept.


Bridging the Past, Present, and Future:
Recent Works by Sandra Ramos

September 6 - October 19

Curated by Diane Camber, this exhibition is comprised of prints, video, collage, and installations created by Cuban artist Sandra Ramos. This artist reflects on the conflicting experiences of living in her beloved homeland with all of its many challenges. Her work often takes a narrative form in which she depicts herself as a child-like explorer or modern day Alice in Wonderland. Ramos' prints and mixed media works feature exquisite craftsmanship and use of color and naiveté, tempered by wit and irony. This exhibition reflects the mordant wit for which Cubans are famous, as well as a kind of nostalgia and exuberance particular to the artist. 


Some Uses of Photography:
Four Washington Artists

September 6 - December 14

The definition of a photograph and its relationship to other visual art forms has undergone enormous changes since the invention of photography in the 19th century. The work of four female artists–Jenn De Palma, Ding Ren, Siobhan Rigg, and Sandra Rottmann –represents this ongoing dialog about craft, authenticity, the role of the artist, and other concerns that embody today's definition of photography and it's varied uses within contemporary art practices. Some Uses of Photography is curated by Phyllis Rosenzweig. 


Sam Noto, Steel Sculpture:
Anxiety and Hope

September 6 - March 15

In his large steel constructions, largely made of found materials, Sam Noto allows his materials to generate form and occupy space in a dynamic way. This sculpture exhibition is both serious and playful and expresses the artist's improvisational technique.


Peter Belyi, Course

Peter Belyi, Course, 2013.

Sam Noto, Whose Side Are You On?

Sam Noto
Whose Side Are You On?
(Detail), 2011-12.
Photo: Yassine el Mansouri.
From Sam Noto, Steel Sculpture: Anxiety & Hope.