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Spring 2015 Exhibitions

April 4 through May 24, 2015

Transcription of Blue: Guy Goldstein 

Guy Goldstein is interested in exploring complicated processes by moving between mediums in his art. For this series, Guy investigated “colors of noise” by converting graphite drawings into sounds, which he then converted back into printed images using a mid-century Russian ANS synthesizer.

Sponsored by OUTSET


Remembrances of Voices Past 

V. Ramesh creates art as an act of devotion, not only as a response to an increasingly material world, but also as a quest for freedom. The leitmotiv of his work is Bhakti, or devotion, which he explores in order to communicate a sense of emotional exaltation. 


YES! Glue: A Half-Century of Collage by Bruce and Jean Conner 

Bruce and Jean Conner sustained separate but related explorations within the tradition of surrealist collage. She initiated in the mid 1950s  wry combinations of images from popular magazines.  He embraced and then abandoned complex expressionist assemblages in the early 1960s in favor of witty, often grotesque, and sometimes spiritual compositions built from 19th century engravings. 


Drawings: Walter Kravitz

Walter Kravitz brought his artistic gifts and innovative concepts from Chicago to Washington almost forty years ago. His drawings and installations have evolved into explorations of the way events happen in the natural world. His lines become edges, continuously organizing and shaping the air into solids, then dissolving them again into unpredictability.


MFA First Year Exhibition(April 4-April 19) & MFA Thesis Exhibition (April 25-May 24) 

American University's Department of Art presents the work of current MFA Thesis candidates.  The multidisciplinary Studio Art program showcases an exciting range of artwork including works in painting, sculpture, collage and material studies, photography, and new media. 

[ INSERT NON-PRETENTIOUS TITLE HERE ] is a compilation of works from American University's first-year Masters of Fine Art students. Collectively the group represents research, experimentation, and reflection while simultaneously offering a window into each artist's individual practice. Featuring work by: Zack McGhin, Jihee Kang, Sara Caporaletti, Joumana Moukarim, Katelyn Wood, Jean Kim, Calli Moore, Samantha Sethi, Sarah Dale and Carey Francis.


Late Spring Exhibitions open April 25 and include work by Sy Gresser, the Vilnius Academy of the Arts, Lithuania, and the MFA Thesis Candidates.


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a poet in her own words
V. Ramesh, a poet in her own words, 2010.
Oil on canvas, 96 x 72 in.
Courtesy of Threshold Gallery.