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Student Spotlight

MA TESOL student Jessie Ebersole tells how she became interested in teaching and gives advice to new MA TESOL students
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Alumni Spotlight

TESOL Program alumna Jillian Oslavsky tells us how her experience in the AU TESOL Program prepared her for future jobs and gives advice to current students
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Yamillet Payanon and Britni Wilcher discuss American Economic Association summer program.

Achievements ·

CAS Students Complete American Economic Association Program

Last summer, Yamillet Payanon, an American University senior, and Britni Wilcher, a fourth-year PhD student, attended the American Economic Association (AEA) Summer Training Program at Michigan State University.
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Runners on the Washington mall with Washington monument in background at sunset.

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Staying Healthy at American University: Ten Tips for Students

From yoga classes to farmers markets, American University—and Washington, DC—offer great opportunities to help students stay healthy. Here are ten tips for making the most of the resources on and off campus— and staying fit and healthy.
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Image of S.T.E.A.M. and assorted representations of the sciences and arts.

Announcement ·

Celebrate Science and More: AU’s First STEAM Faire on Friday!

Solar System explosions, racing cockroaches, optical illusions, and an anatomy fashion show … science and the arts are coming to life at the new Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building on Friday, October 20, from noon to 4 p.m.
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On campus with people walking, trees, and an AU flag.

Research ·

AU Announces New Tenure-Line Faculty Hires

Introducing teachers and researchers to the AU community.
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Professor Ibram Kendi stands at podium, announcing his vision for AU's Antiracism Research and Policy Center.

Announcement ·

A Vision for AU’s New Antiracist Research and Policy Center

Last week, American University's Ibram X. Kendi presented his vision for the much-anticipated, first-of-its-kind Antiracist Research and Policy Center at AU. He spoke to an overflow crowd of students, faculty, and community members.
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AU professor Theresa Runstedtler spoke at a September event rolling out the new African American and African Diaspora Studies major. Photo: Professor speaking at a lectern.

On Campus ·

This Matters: AU Unveils New African American and African Diaspora Studies Major

The interdisciplinary program falls under CAS’s Critical Race, Gender, and Culture Studies Collaborative.
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Duck Rabbit optical illusion. Some people see a duck; others see a rabbit.

Humanities ·

Humanities Lectures 2017

Professor Arthur Shapiro kicks off the first in a series of Humanities Lab lectures this Wednesday, September 20, at 1 p.m. at 228 Battele-Tompkins. He will explore the difference between what we see and how we understand and interpret what we see.
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People protest DACA in New York City.

Government & Politics ·

Ask the Expert: Professor Ernesto Castañeda Discusses the Latest on DACA

We asked Professor Castañeda to weigh in on DACA: what does it mean, what might happen next, and what he wishes would happen in terms of immigration reform.
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