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Alumni Board Seeks New Members for 2014-2016 Term

Alumni Board 2010 leadership

Looking for ways to reconnect with your alma mater? Interested in helping make key decisions about programming and outreach to your fellow Eagles? Joe Vidulich, SPA/BA ’08, was, and now he says, “Serving on the AU Alumni Board has allowed me to continue to have an active hand in the success of American University. It has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for AU’s mission and goals. It has allowed me to be a better ambassador for and to AU’s greater alumni network.”

The Alumni Board is currently accepting applications and nominations for the upcoming 2014-2016 term. Any graduate of AU, whether undergraduate or graduate, is encouraged to apply. Here are the details:
• Each term of office lasts two years, and each member can serve up to two consecutive terms.
• Board members must attend four meetings in D.C. per year, and serve both as stewards to and for the general alumni body.
• Members are expected to represent the board at AU alumni events, positively promote the university, and financially contribute to the university with a gift of $1,000 per year.

While the nominations process for the board is extremely competitive, membership is quite rewarding. Members play an active role in guiding the efforts and initiatives of the Office of Alumni Relations and serve as regional, national, and international AU ambassadors.

“The connections I have made on the board with fellow alumni, university administrators, staff, faculty, and even students, have led to some lifelong friendships and multiple professional contacts,” says Vidulich. “Serving as an Alumni Board member is a rewarding opportunity that lets alumni give back to their alma mater and grow professionally at the same time. I highly recommend it.”
Applications are due October 4.

Once the nominations committee reviews the applications, a slate of nominees will be submitted to board president, Chip Griffin, SPA/BA ’94, for approval and appointment. New board members will assume their responsibilities in January 2014, following a welcome dinner at the home of President Neil Kerwin, SPA/BA ’71.

“Being a part of the alumni board has brought back so many of the great feelings I had for the university as an undergraduate,” says Larry Pockers, SPA/BA ’96, chair of the AUAB’s nominations and governance committee, which manages the application process. “Getting an insider’s view of everything that is taking place on campus and in the larger AU community, and being an ambassador for and to the alumni, has reinforced for me all the reasons why AU is such a phenomenal school.”

To nominate yourself, submit an application and a current résumé online by clicking here by Friday, October 4, 2013. To nominate a fellow alumnus/a, please click here.

Questions? Contact Tara Lang, director of alumni programs at tlang@american.edu or 202-885-5921.