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Hidden Number Puzzle Contest

GameLab Number Puzzle Contest, 2015.

Puzzle close-up with sample hidden number circled.

We've hidden the numbers 1-20 in this painting. Can you find the numbers? 

The first 50 people who correctly find all of the 20 numbers and email their solutions to us will get special access to a set of four additional puzzles just like the ones being developed for a new health game project by the AU Game Lab and the National Institutes of Health.

Add circles around each hidden number in the scene using a digital graphics program — or you can print out the painting, circle the numbers with a pen, scan the image and send us the scan.

Send your solutions via email to: (That's me, Bob Hone, I'm the designer of this project).

Here's a preview of the puzzle image — but puzzlers should download the full-size version.

Hidden Numbers Puzzle

We will announce the winners by September 28 or when we've received 50 solutions ... whichever happens first. We will not accept new solutions after that announcement.

This puzzle mimics the lab-based brain exercises that the scientists at the National Institute of Mental Health have developed. Their successful exercises help children learn to avoid looking at mean and angry faces.

That's a hint: Most of the hidden numbers are located away from the angry face!   

The numbers can be different colors and some have been rotated to fit in with the scene —one of them is sideways! We'll email the solution back to everyone who responds once we've announced the winners. 

This contest is open to anyone over the age of 12 (kids, you can ask your parents to send the email). 

Winners will get special access to four extra puzzles when they are ready in early October. The first 10 winners may even get a chance to help design the next set of puzzles!