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New College Dean’s Awards for Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards

Awards will recognize inclusion, innovation, and impact.

College of Arts and SciencesThe College of Arts and Sciences is offering of a new set of awards to recognize outstanding contributions by College faculty and staff in the key areas of inclusion, innovation, and impact. All College faculty and staff are eligible.  

For this year’s inaugural cycle, the College will present two awards in each of the following categories, for work that may fall under the traditional rubrics of research, teaching, or service, or anywhere in between these rubics.  

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

College Dean’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to an Inclusive Community
This award recognizes and honors the contributions of faculty and staff in building an inclusive community by raising awareness of opportunities and challenges, fostering dialogue, providing insight and innovations, and/or implementing change.

College Dean’s Award for Exceptional Innovation
This award recognizes and honors members of the College faculty and staff whose commitment to innovation has inspired our community. Typically, though not exclusively, this award will recognize scholarly innovation that has pushed the boundaries of a discipline or pedagogical innovation that has transformed the classroom experience of our students.

College Dean’s Award for Exceptional Impact
This award recognizes and honors the efforts of College faculty and staff who have directly influenced the development of a discipline, an institution, a community, or a group. Accordingly, winners will range from scholars whose contributions have helped define a field to faculty and staff whose mentorship has been critical to student success in a variety of venues.

The Nomination Process
Nominations should be made online at and are limited to 500 words. Submit nominations by 5:00 p.m. on April 11. Winners will be announced at the reception following the College Dean’s Address on Wednesday, April 20.