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A New Year at AU: Resolutions and Dreams

By Carolyn Supinka

Maxine Davis

January: a time for introspection, hope, and dodging snowflakes on the way to class. A new student body has just finished its first semester of college, and a senior class is preparing for its last spring semester of undergrad. 

American University has seen 121 new years since it was chartered by Congress in 1893, and each one brings fresh new resolutions and goals. CAS students share their resolutions for 2015. 


"To reconnect with old friends. I just spent the semester in Manipal, India."
Maxine Davis
BA public health and international relations '16


"To graduate in the spring. To get up in the morning and be functional throughout the day. To not be a hermit even when I have an overwhelming amount of work. To be inspired by my colleagues. To get out more and to take advantage of all the cultural opportunities in DC."
Laura London
MA arts management '16


"I don't make new year's resolutions. I make goals. I have a long list of goals for 2015, not just for my work at school, but for my finances, my design business, and my personal life."
Sarah Dale
MFA studio art '16


"My new years resolution is to start a graduate program at AU in data science."
Mike Galaviz
Administrative Coordinator, CAS


"To get a normal amount of sleep every night."
Mahima Narayan
BS economics '18


"I suppose my new years resolution is to further increase my social network and go out of my way to meet new people."
Adam Treece
BS economics '15


"To contribute as much as I can to the mending of the relationship between Russia and the United States."
Anton Fedyashin
Assistant Professor, History


"To graduate on time and get into a nursing program so I can start my career in two to three years."
Leonardo Almanza
BS biology '15


"To wear more color."
Emma Bartley
BA literature '17


"To read more for pleasure."
Mikala Rempe
BA literature '17


"To not procrastinate."
Yubin Choi
BA music '16


"My new years resolution is to be more open to the possibilities that come my way."
Claxton Rabb
BA musical theatre '15


"To eat healthier so I can live longer."
Jesse Saywell
BA musical theatre '15