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Performing Arts

Performing Arts: Theatre (BA)

Offered by the Department of Performing Arts, College of Arts and Sciences.

Admission to the Program

Formal admission to the major requires demonstrated talent through an audition portfolio review arranged with the department, preferably prior to beginning university studies. However, a student may enter as an intended major and have an audition or portfolio review during the first year. Students will be accepted based on programmatic approval and written declaration of major.

  • 120 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better
  • Completion of college writing requirement
  • Completion of university mathematics requirement

General Education Requirements

  • A total of ten courses, consisting of two courses from each of the five foundational areas
  • At least one course from Area Five: The Natural and Mathematical Sciences must include a laboratory science component
  • No more than two courses may be taken in the same discipline

Major Requirements

  • 51 credit hours with grades of C or better
    • Students who wish to study abroad must receive prior approval from their advisor in order to ensure that appropriate courses will transfer and that scholarships and financial aid will apply.
  • Participation in a minimum of four department productions in either a performance or technical capacity. One of these must be done as stage manager or assistant stage manager and one must be in another technical capacity.
  • Tracks: Performance, Design/Production, Arts Management, or Theatre Arts

Course Requirements

Core (24 credit hours)

Tracks (27 credit hours)

Complete one of the following:


Placement audition required


Arts Management

Theatre Arts

  • 9 credit hours in additional area of specialty courses approved by advisor

Combined Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

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