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Performing Arts

Minor in Dance

  • 22 credit hours with grades of C or better with at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor 

Students intending to pursue the dance minor must be assigned a departmental advisor. Students must achieve some proficiency in dance performance. Required levels of proficiency are decided individually in conference with the director of the dance program, and take into account the student’s interests, background, and abilities in dance. 

Course Requirements

  • PERF-200 Dance as an Art Form (3)
  • PERF-307 Principles of Movement (3)
  • PERF-411 Composition of Dance I (3)
  • PERF-455 Dance Styles for Musical Theatre (3) or PERF-308 The Moving Body (3) 
  • At least two 3-credit dance technique courses at the intermediate or advanced level from the following:
  • PERF-202 Modern Dance II (3)
  • PERF-203 Intermediate Jazz Dance (3)
  • PERF-204 Intermediate Ballet (3)
  • PERF-208 Intermediate Tap Dance (3)
  • PERF-302 Modern Dance III (3)
  • PERF-404 Advanced Ballet (3)

  • At least four 1-credit dance technique courses at the intermediate or advanced level:
  • PERF-209 Dance Practicum (1): Modern Dance II, Intermediate Jazz Dance, Intermediate Ballet, Intermediate Tap Dance
  • PERF-309 Dance Practicum (1): Modern Dance III
  • PERF-409 Dance Practicum (1): Advanced Ballet