Why Study Music at American University?

A music degree at AU guides students on their own path as 21st-century artists.

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The Music Program gives students room to find their passions and carve their own paths as artists and scholars. Grounded in the history, theory, and performance traditions of Western art music, our students pursue excellence across all genres and musical forms. A diverse array of top-flight ensembles, classes in world music, jazz, rock, and renowned performer-teachers will expand your horizons. From the introductory colloquium to your senior capstone, our Music Program lets you follow what inspires you.

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Prepare for Your Encore

Have your moment in the spotlight: distinctive ensembles where students are given unprecedented access to being part of great performance organizations and to take on solo work as part of their growth. With our focus on undergraduate education in performance fields, you don't need to wait until you're a graduate student to sing your first role, play a concerto with the orchestra, solo with the jazz band, or be featured with the wind ensemble.

Performance Ensembles

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