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Performing Arts | Choral Auditions

AU Chorus

All auditions for the AU Chorus and AU Chamber Singers take place during the first week of classes each semester. Sign-up sheets for individual audition times will be available outside the Choral Office in Katzen Arts Center Room 146 the week prior to the start of school. There will be a variety of times available throughout the first week of classes to accommodate schedules. Evening times are also available; priority for these times is given to community members who wish to audition. If you can not come to Katzen Center to select and sign up for an audition time, please call the AU Choral Office at 202-885-3425.

  • The audition will take about 6-10 minutes—quick, painless and very supportive.
  • Please arrive warmed up and ready to sing five minutes before your scheduled time.
  • In advance of the audition, please complete the Audition Form (also available outside the audition room).
  • No music resumes will be required as the audition form does provide space for a brief sketch of your music background and vocal experience.

Audition Requirements

  • Prepared songs will not be heard for this ensemble audition; prepared materials are only required for solo auditions.
  • Please arrive warmed up and ready to sing five minutes before your scheduled time.
  • The audition consists of basic vocalizing; pitch-matching exercises; scale singing; sight-singing exercises; chatting with the director about you and your musical background.

Ensemble Registration

  • Students may register for one or both ensemble under the appropriate course number and section.
  • You are not required to enrolled to participate, but all ensemble members will be held to the same standards in terms of attendance and preparation.

Audition ResultsA final ROSTER for both ensembles will be posted at 6:00 pm on the first Friday of class. Those who auditioned will also be notified of results by e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot guarantee acceptance into either or both ensemble until after we hear all auditions. Membership in AU Chamber Singers is far more competitive as it is a smaller, more select ensemble.


Choral Ensembles

There are two major choral ensembles at American University:


  • Rehearsals: Tuesday evenings (7:30 to 10:15 pm) and select Monday evenings* (8:00 to 10:15 pm)*Note: not all singers will be required to attend every Monday rehearsal, but it is mandatory that members are available for both evenings. A complete and detailed schedule for the semester will be available at the time of the auditions. Students with class conflicts on either Monday or Tuesday (including classes that meet until 8:00 pm) should discuss their situation with the choral manager.
  • Office: Katzen Arts Center — Choral Office, Room 146 (phone: 202-885-3425)
  • Participants: AU Chorus is open to Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Community Members. Membership usually ranges between 70 and 90 singers. Repertoire for the ensemble varies from suitable small-scale literature to large-scale choral-orchestral literature.


  • Rehearsals: Mondays & Thursdays (2:35 to 5:00 pm)
  • Office: Katzen Arts Center — Choral Office, Room 146 (phone: 202-885-3425)
  • Participants: AU Chamber Singers is open to all, but usually consists of undergraduate and graduate student members. The ensemble is highly select and generally limited to between 26 and 32 members. Repertoire includes works drawn from all periods of music and varies greatly from early music masterworks with ensemble, to contemporary acappella literature.

Applied Music Lessons (Private Studio Lessons)

Students who are certified members of the AU Choral Ensembles (registered for credit or officially on the roster of either ensemble) are eligible to enroll for either a ½ hour or hour private lesson in one of the voice studios or on another instrument as studio space allows.

If this is your first time enrolling in private lessons, it is recommended that you contact Prof. Nancy Snider, coordinator for applied music, at or 202-885-3872.

Further Information or Questions

Contact us by E-mail: (AU Chorus)

Phone: 202-885-3425 (AU Choral Office)

or visit our office: Katzen Arts Center, Room 146


Daniel Abraham, Director                                           

Jennifer Glinzak, Chorus Manager

Contact Us

E-mail: (AU Chorus)

Phone: 202-885-3425 (AU Choral Office)

Office: Katzen Arts Center, Room 146

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