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Philosophy & Religion

Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Ethics and Professional Responsibility

The public is increasingly concerned with matters of ethics in the everyday conduct of professional life. Both as a society and as members of professional communities, individuals are measuring their and others' actions in accordance with ethical norms. Ethical engagement demands that actors be able to articulate and justify not only their actions, but also the process of decision-making behind those actions and its guiding framework.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Ethics and Professional Responsibility includes a core in ethics and philosophy that offers a foundation on which students build their understanding of professional responsibilities in their chosen fields. Students learn to support and defend their own ethical positions and to judge the adequacy of others' claims. They gain insight into our understanding of right and wrong as well as into judgments about matters of social justice and human rights, and will be prepared as members of their professional communities to both follow and define ethical guidelines and codes of conduct. Completing the certificate enhances a student's candidacy for positions in business by signaling to potential employers an appreciation for the complexities of professional life.  It also provides students with essential leadership tools, thereby accelerating their progress beyond the entry-level to decision-making positions.

The course checklist is available to ensure you take the required classes.

Admission to the Program

Open to undergraduate degree and nondegree students. Students must meet with the undergraduate advisor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion to declare their intent to complete the certificate.

Certificate Requirements

  • 18 credit hours of approved course work with at least 9 credit hours at the 300-level or above. For core courses to count toward the certificate, students must receive a grade of B or better; for elective courses a grade of C or better is required. Grades of C- or D in certificate program courses will not be accepted toward the fulfillment of certificate requirements, although these grades will be included in the calculation of the cumulative GPA. Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA in certificate courses in order to be awarded a certificate. Students in certificate programs must take a minimum of 6 credit hours during each 12-month period and complete the certificate in four years. International students must enroll in 12 credit hours each semester (except for summer). A maximum of 3 credit hours earned at an accredited college or university may be applied toward the certificate as transfer credit. All courses taken in the Department of Philosophy and Religion toward the certificate may be used by undergraduates toward departmental majors or minors. All courses in the Kogod School of Business may be used by undergraduates toward school majors or minors.

Course Requirements

  • MGMT-201 Global Corporate Citizenship (3)
  • PHIL-220 Moral Philosophy (3)
  • PHIL-240 Ethics in the Professions (3)
  • 9 credit hours of the following:
  • KSB-456 Management Communications for Social Responsibility (3)
  • MGMT-360 Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship (3)
  • MGMT-391 approved Internship in Management (1-6) or PHIL-391 approved Internship in Philosophy (1-6)
  • PHIL-525 Seminar in Modern Moral Problems (3)
  • other approved courses in business, management, or philosophy at the 300-level or above