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Philosophy and Religion | Faculty/Staff Directory


Full-time faculty

Farhang Erfani, Assistant Professor
PhD, Villanova University
Continental philosophy, aesthetics, political philosophy

Ellen K. Feder, Associate Professor
PhD, SUNY Stony Brook
Contemporary continental philosophy, social and political philosophy, ethics, feminist theory, critical race theory

David-Olivier Gougelet, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Memphis
Post-structuralism, continental philosophy of science, existentialism, race theory, ancient philosophy

Gershon Greenberg, Professor
PhD, Columbia University
Philosophy of religion; America and the Holy Land; religious and philosophical meaning of the Holocaust; religion, conflict, and peace

Amy A. Oliver, Chair and Associate Professor
PhD, University of Massachusetts
Spanish and Latin American philosophy, Women's Studies, Philosophy of Literature

Jin Y. Park, Associate Professor
PhD, SUNY Stony Brook
Asian philosophies and religions, postmodernism

Shubha Pathak, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Chicago Divinity School; PhD, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
The philosophical, psychological, and religious aspects of epic poetry and poetic creativity; comparative religious studies; classical literary criticism; and contemporary psychological theories

Jeffrey Reiman, William Fraser McDowell Professor of Philosophy
PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Philosophy and social policy, ethical theory and applied ethics, philosophy of justice, 19th and 20th century philosophy

Andrea Tschemplik, Associate Professor
PhD, City University of New York
Ancient philosophy, Plato; medieval, early modern and 19th century history of philosophy; logic; ethics

Lauren Weis, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, Boston College
History of Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Continental Philosophy, Theory of Ethics, Metaphysics, Epistemology

Adjunct faculty

Affiliate faculty

Leila Berner

Alan Levine
Rebecca Carr
Prabhavati Reddy
Mark Schaefer
James Stam

Emeriti faculty

Harold A. Durfee
Charles Hardwick
David F. T. Rodier
Phillip H. Scribner
Charles S. J. White