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Sacrifice, Surrender and Symbolism: Three Faiths Interpret Abraham's Binding of His Son

Wedneday, November 9, 2011
3:30 p.m.
Mary Graydon Center 247

Rabbi Leila Berner, Dr. Martyn Oliver, and Rev. Mark Schaefer will conduct the workshop. Through a comparative reading of the Binding of Isaac/Ishmael, workshop participants will explore the following questions: What are the commonalities, differences, and reflections of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian theologies, teachings, cultures? How do our respective clergy "deal" with the texts? As inspiring? Disturbing? Challenging? Didactic? Ethically instructive? Ethically problematic?

Cosponsored by the Department of Philosophy and Religion, and the Jewish Studies Program

Philosophy Writing Workshops

The Philosophy Writing Workshop is oriented specifically for graduate students in philosophy. Samples of excellent and not so excellent graduate student writing are distributed in advance of the workshop. Both new and continuing graduate students benefit from the insights of faculty and peers regarding excellence in writing in philosophy.

The Philosophical Gourmet Workshop

Another workshop focuses on The Philosophical Gourmet, an Internet resource containing both useful and erroneous information. Faculty and experienced graduate students provide their evaluation of the usefulness of this resource, as well as some alternative sources of information about graduate programs in philosophy.