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Philosophy & Religion | Research Links

There are numerous websites dealing with philosophical and religious topics. However, the department has found the links included on this page to be the most useful and popular. If you find an additional site that should be included in this list, please send it to

Library Links

American University Library, Resources by Subject: Databases, webpages, and resources for philosophy and religion.

Library of Congress

Philosophy Links

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet by Peter Suber, Earlham College.

Philosophy Sites on the Internet, A list of philosophy links compiled by Tel-Aviv University.

Ethics Updates edited by Lawrence M. Hinman, University of San Diego.

Feminist Theory Website

Society for Women in Philosophy

Kant on the Web

The Philosophical Gourmet Report

Descartes Homepage

Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy "Compare topics in the most important Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Philosophy on the Internet."

The Mind Project

Venezuela Analitica Publicaciones

Grupo de Investigacion Siglo de Oro at the Universidad de Navarra


Proyecto Filosofia en Espanol

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Antología del Ensayo Ibero e Iberoamericano

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy


American Philosophical Association

Organizations compiled by


Philosophy Now, a magazine of ideas.

Philosophy Pathways

Journals compiled by

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Journals of Philosophy Available in the AU Library

(Last updated December 2002)

  • Bibliography of Philosophy
  • British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • Diogenes
  • Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
  • Ethics
  • Humanist
  • Idealistic Studies
  • Inquiry
  • International Philosophical Quarterly: IPQ
  • Journal of Philosophy
  • Journal of the History of Ideas
  • Mind
  • Monist
  • Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
  • Philosopher's Index
  • Philosophical Forum
  • Philosophical Review
  • Philosophy and Public Affairs
  • Philosophy and Rhetoric
  • Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
  • Philosophy East and West
  • Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
  • Review of Metaphysics
  • Southern Journal of Philosophy
  • Transactions of the American Philosophical Society
  • Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society