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Master's in the Professional Sciences


Battelle Tompkins, Room T-33


Biology lab microscope

Study Environmental Assessment, Quantitative Analysis, and Biotechnology

American University’s master’s degrees in the professional sciences provides students with the tools to pursue and enhance their careers in:

These two-year interdisciplinary degrees blend coursework in the applied science and management to equip students with the skills industry and agencies within government demand. Students enrolled in the program will:

  • Master science courses in one of the above listed subjects
  • Take business classes that highlight management, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • Complete an internship at a local company or government agency
  • Contend with "real life" problems and projects in a capstone team environment
  • Attend professional skills development workshops and classes

Message from the Director:

The Washington, DC, area is the intersection of science, industry, and government within the United States. These key players bring scientific innovation to the American public. Our program provides students with the necessary technical skills to be successful in science and the practical skills they need to navigate its intersection with business and government.

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Cover of Catlyst, a student run science magazine at American University

AU’s science magazine, Catalyst is written by students, features student projects, and aims to spark the scientific imagination of the AU community.


Success Story

Alumnus Jack Shultz, MS '06, pursues green-vehicle technology post graduation. 

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