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PSM | Internships and Capstones

Internships: second year, first and/or second semester
Students may find their own internship opportunities or obtain help from PSM program staff and/or the AU Career Center. Rules are defined carefully to insure that each student achieves the learning goals established by the Center:

  • Results of the internship must be tangible;
  • Interns spend up to 15 hours a week for 12 weeks in order to earn 3 credits;
  • Clerical work may constitute up to 15% of an internship's work and no more;
  • Two internships at the same time are possible;
  • An internship may be performed at place of work-academic advisors help in establishing a separate work assignment.

Capstone Project: second year
Students' Capstone Projects work as follows:

  • Students may work individually or in teams composed of 2 or more students; teams may be cross-disciplinary from the 3 concentrations, environmental science, biotechnology, and applied computing;
  • Work on the capstone may run an entire academic year;
  • Each project will have an advisor who will monitor the progress;
  • Advice may be sought from business or government representatives;
  • Each project will conclude with a final report and presentation;
  • Advisory Council members may be included in the final report audience.