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PSM | Quotes

Why I Applied to the PSM Program
   -from prospective AU graduate students

"PSM is a terminal masters that is targeted toward already professional people who wish to change careers. I have been interested in environmental issues for a long time and this program seems to match my interest to my abilities. I like the idea of the internship and capstone projects as well. I also felt that the PSM staff would be very supportive of all students in the program."

"The PSM program description for Environmental Science and Assessment combined every element of the "perfect Graduate Program" that I never knew existed. Mainly it is the integration of environmental science and the real world application of it in a professional environment that makes it so outstanding. During my research previous to my graduate school application, I could not find another program that incorporated all of these extremely important aspects. Aside from the program itself, I feel that American University is the perfect institution to include this program in its curriculum. As environmental concerns are gaining global concern and the political recognition of public policy directed towards ecosystem conservation is becoming more prevalent Washington, D.C. is the prime location for students graduating with this degree to use it to its fullest potential."

"What draws me to the PSM program the most is the real world application of science. In most programs you gain a wonderful knowledge/understanding of a particular area of science but you are never taught or led in the direction of how to apply this knowledge. I'm excited about this program because I feel it will teach me what I need to know about biotechnology and then it will show me how to apply what I have learned in the business/science community. I have applied to this program because I am looking forward to my understanding and knowledge of biotechnology, as this is a field that changes steadily."

"I applied to the PSM program with excitement to further my career in pharmaceutical industry. Working in the research industry for the past 5 years has given me an amazing appreciation for the importance of research—its benefit to humanity and contribution to world health—but I have also gained an appreciation of those who work daily to incorporate the importance and ensure the integrity of good science. I am excited to learn more as well as be able to help our society be aware of the importance of research and development. I wish to be a part of the PSM program for the experience of working and learning with a knowledgeable and motivated diverse group of people who share in my interests and goals."

"I was attracted to the program because it combines the sciences (which interest me a great deal) and business. I used to want to work in a lab until I realized that I do need some human interaction. I have been told by supervisors that I have a great business sense/ With AU’s good reputation and this new program I was positive that this was exactly what I wanted to do and after the career panel that I attended I was even more sure that this was where I wanted to be."

"I am interested in the program because of the emphasis on applied education and the links built into the program (e. g.. internship) to local applied research firms. Beyond that, the areas of applied computing, in particular, grid computing and simulation, have enormous potential to advance the latest biotechnology discoveries. What a chance to make a difference!"

Why I’m Enjoying My PSM Program
   -from current PSM students (non-AU)

"I was always passionate about the sciences, particularly biology and mathematics. After receiving my B.S. in Biology, I wanted a profession that extended further than just biology, but, like so many just grads, I was unaware of the career options available to a professional with my academic background."

"I decided to enroll full time in a PSM program because it offered the academic and professional training this novel field demands."

"This was the best professional decision I've made so far. I knew I wanted to work in the business world, but I wasn't exactly sure what areas were available for scientific types like myself."

"When I received my Bachelor of Science degree, I didn't feel as though I was professionally prepared to enter into a research environment. By continuing my education in the Master of Science Biotechnology program, I was able to gain the necessary skills in molecular biology that I needed to become an integral part of most research facilities. The flexibility of the program allowed me to specialize in the areas of virology and immunology."

"This one year and a half program not only let me learn a lot of theoretical knowledge from diversified useful courses, but also gave me a precious opportunity to do industry internship, which strengthened my experience and eventually brought me a good career opportunity as well. On my graduation ceremony, I was so proud to be the first graduate student of this program when I shook hands with the President and the Dean."

"For me, studying in M.S. Biotech program is a wonderful experience. I believe that all I learned in the program especially those related to biotech industry will be useful resources in my future career. We have lecturers from industry who gave us some idea about product development, people who talked about patents and intellectual property and people who gave us information other than academic things. All these I had little idea about or even didn't know before. The off-campus internship is a great experience for people like me whose life has so far been spent mainly in the academia."