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Obstetrician/Gynecologists' Readiness to Manage Intimate Partner Violence and Patient Satisfaction

This study seeks to provide a more current assessment of obstetrician-gynecologists' (ob-gyns) knowledge, opinions, practice patterns, and preparedness to manage intimate partner violence (IPV). A second aim is to assess patient satisfaction with their ob/gyns' IPV practices among a diverse patient sample. As physicians who exclusively provide care to women, ob/gyns have a unique opportunity to identify and intervene on behalf of abused patients in order to interrupt violence and its potential effects on the woman, fetus, and children living in the home. For more information, please contact Katherine Jones at


Comparing Self-Report and Informant Responses of Excessive Reassurance Seeking and Depression

The relationship between excessive reassurance seeking (ERS) and depressive symptoms has been explored by several research teams. Interpersonal stressors and rumination have been proposed as meditators in the relationship between ERS and depression. These potential mediators will be examined in the ERS-depression link. This will be the first study to also examine ERS as a mediator between interpersonal competence and depression. Furthermore, most studies in this area have primarily focused on cross-sectional comparisons which utilize self-report measures of these variables. Therefore, the current study seeks to compare self-report and informant responses (i.e. close friend and significant other) when examining the role of the above-mentioned variables in the ERS-depression relationship. If participants' subjective experiences differ from informant reports of these variables, these findings could influence how researchers collect data within this field and how clinicians might approach treatment for individuals reporting high levels of ERS and depression. For additional information regarding this study, please contact Vicki Anagnostopoulos at