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Human Memory & Cognition Lab PhDs

Laura Margolis (Clinical Program, 1992), dissertation title: Do recall and recognition rely on qualitatively different processes?

Lori Perez-Bouchard (Clinical Program, 1993), dissertation title: Developmental differences in implicit and explicit memory performance

Tom Mayer (BCAN, 1998), dissertation title: Processes used in working memory and reading by deaf and hearing ASL signers and hearing non-signers.
Ali Tekcan (BCAN, 1999), dissertation title: Recall, consistency and determinants of flashbulb memories.
Cecilia Fernandez-Hall (Clinical Program, 2000), dissertation title: The effect of revelation of words and faces on recognition accuracy and decision bias in schizophrenia.
Jennifer Thompson (BCAN, 2000), dissertation title: Funny you should ask, what is the effect of humor of memory and metamemory?

Omar Ali (BCAN, 2004), dissertation title: Music and emotion: The effects of lyrics and familiarity on affective responses to music
Lisa Korenman (BCAN, 2004), dissertation title: Individual differences in learning and remembering music.
Esra Mungan (BCAN, 2008), dissertation title: Effect of encoding processes on explicit and implicit remembering of melodies.
Brian Rabinovitz (BCAN, 2009), dissertation title: The importance of temporal organization in memory for music and language

Timothy Hohman (BCAN, 2012), dissertation title: Age-Related Differences in the Retrieval and Definition of Events from Memory