If you are already a client in the clinic, and your circumstances change such that you need a fee adjustment in order to continue therapy, please contact the clinic director, Dr. Erica Hart, at 202-885-1702 to discuss this issue.

Fees may be paid in cash or by check made payable to "AU Training Clinic."

Insurance companies generally will not reimburse you for treatment in our clinic because the staff therapists are trainees. If, however, your insurance will reimburse you, it is your responsibility as a client to initiate this process. Your therapist will provide you with receipts for payments and will complete any forms/progress reports required by your insurance company.

A major purpose of the James J. Gray Psychotherapy Training Clinic is to provide affordable access to empirically supported therapies for residents of the D.C. area. Our fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on household income, as follows:

Income Fee ($ per therapy session)
0 to 25,000/year 10
25,000 to 50,000/year 20
50,000 to 75,000/year 30
Over 75,000/year 40

Interested in Receiving Treatment?

Please call
Dr. Erica Hart, 202-885-1702

To contact current therapist
202-885-1744, then press number for therapist's voicemail