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Psychotherapy Clinic | Staff

Staff & Supervisory Structure

All staff therapists are supervised by licensed psychologists on the faculty of the Department of Psychology at American University; staff therapists are second and third-year clinical psychology PhD students at American University, enrolled in a year-long practicum course on Cognitive Behavior Therapy or Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Supervisors include James Gray, PhD, and David Haaga, PhD, who also teach the Cognitive Behavior Therapy practicum.

Clinic Director

Dr. Erica Hart directs the clinic and conducts intake interviews by telephone with new clients.


Interested in receiving treatment? Please call
Dr. Erica Hart, 202-885-1702

Contact current therapist:
202-885-1744, then press number for therapist’s voicemail

  1. Erica Hart, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - Psychology

    Erica teaches a range of psychology courses including Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, Introduction to Clinical Psychology and Research Methods. Throughout these courses, she seeks to challenge students to think critica… More

    Send email to Erica Hart

    (202) 885-1418


  1. James Gray, Professor

    CAS - Psychology

    Current Research Interests: Eating Disorders, Behavior Therapy, Psychotherapy, Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Religion

    Send email to James Gray

    (202) 885-1716

  2. David Haaga, Professor and Department Chair, Psychology

    CAS - Psychology

    Dave Haaga is a Professor of Psychology and has been a faculty member at American University since 1989. Dr. Haaga received his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Southern California and completed postdoctoral training in cognitive the… More

    Send email to David Haaga

    (202) 885-1718

  3. Nathaniel Herr, Assistant Professor

    CAS - Psychology

    Nathaniel Herr is an Assistant Professor of Psychology who joined the department in 2012. Dr. Herr received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles and received postdoctoral training and a faculty appointment at … More

    Send email to Nathaniel Herr

    (202) 885-1724