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Experiments — Fall 2014

The Effect of Mental Activities on Performance
Experimenter: Laura Herron 
Contact Info: lh7195a@student.american.edu 
Time Commitment: 1.5 hours
Compensation: 1.25 credits
Eligibility Requirements: Must be 18 or older 
Description of the study: This study explores the way different mental activities affect performance. Participants will take part in a series of back-to-back mental exercises as well as interspersed questionnaires about thoughts and feelings during the activities.


The Effects of Shame Memory Recall on a Point-Subtraction Lab Task  
Experimenter: Danielle Cohn 
Contact info: dc9724a@student.american.edu 
Time Commitment: 1 hour 
Compensation: 1 credit
Eligibility requirements: Age 18 or over;undergraduate student 
Description of study: Participants will complete a series of questionnaires and then spend time writing about an experience from their childhood and/or adolescence in which they experienced shame. Following this exercise, participants will participate in a point-subtraction lab task. 


The Influence of Emotions on Food Preferences 
Experimenter: Alyssa Jones 
Contact info: emotionsandtaste@gmail.com 
Time Commitment: 45 minutes 
Compensation: 1 credit
Eligibility requirements: Must be able to read and speak English; Certain food allergies may result in ineligibility (please email for details) 
Description of study: Participants are needed for a study regarding the influence of emotions on food preferences. Study activities involve watching some film clips and participating in a taste test. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to emotionsandtaste@gmail.com. Thank you!   


Implicit Associations and Social Anxiety: Differences Between Positive and Negative Threat Conditions
Experimenters: Erica Hart and Michele Carter 
Contact info: laurena.rothstein@gmail.com 
Time Commitment: 45-60 minutes  
Compensation: 1 credit
Eligibility requirements: You must be at least 18 years old. 
Description of study: You will be asked to complete an online survey portion prior to coming in for in-lab participation. You will be asked to complete computer tasks, complete a behavioral task, and fill out some questionnaires. It takes place in Asbury 138.


Facebook Use Among College Students
Experimenter: Leah Rothschild 
Contact info: lr8649a@american.edu 
Time Commitment: 1 hour 
Compensation: 1 credit, choice to enter raffle for a $50 gift card
Eligibility requirements: at least 18 years of age, English speaker, has Facebook account 
Description of study: This study is examining how college students use Facebook. If eligible for the study, you will be asked to complete a few questionnaires and then log in to your Facebook profile to fill out a worksheet about how often you do certain things on Facebook, such as updating your status. The researcher will not have access to your Facebook account.


Faces, Names, and Trivia  
Experimenter: Bryan Fantie 
Contact Info: brain@american.edu 
Time Commitment: 60-90 minutes 
Compensation: 0.5 credits, $5, or one chance in a drawing for a $25 gift card for each 0.5 hr 
Eligibility requirements: must be 18 to 30 years old 
Description of study: We are collecting stimuli for a future experiment that will look at various forms of memory. You will simply be asked to look at pictures of people's faces and names and tell us who is a famous person. We will also ask you to try to answer a series of trivia questions.  

Recognition of Singing and Speaking Voices
Experimenter: Juliana Repice 
Contact Info: juliana.repice@student.american.edu 
Time Commitment: 15 - 30 minutes 
Compensation: .5 credits
Eligibility requirements: must be 18 to 30 years old 
Description of study: The current study is investigating the ability to identify individual speakers from their singing voices. The first part of this experiment will be the collection of stimuli. Participants will be asked to sing and speak several phrases, which will be recorded and used for the main experiment. The second part of this study will test a second set of participants on their ability to determine if a sample was spoken or sung by the same individual after hearing either speech and singing samples.


Writing Exercises and Well-Being
Experimenter: Kate Stewart 
Contact info: Please send your weekly availability to aupsychlab@gmail.com 
Time Commitment: 1 hour or less 
Compensation: 1 credit 
Eligibility requirements: must be 18 years or older 
Description of study: This study explores the impact of writing exercises on well-being outcomes. Participants will complete questionnaires and a writing task in the lab. 


Musical Performance Evaluation  
Experimenter: Wenyan Bi 
Contact Info: wb1918a@student.american.edu 
Time Commitment: 10-20 min  
Compensation: 0.5 credits
Eligibility requirement: None
Description of study: This study aims to investigate strategies people use to evaluate musical performance. In this experiment you will only hear/watch and judge the music performance. No musical background required.