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WCALB | Past Program, 2004

Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior
Winter Park, Colorado
February 7 - 11, 2004

Saturday, February 7, 2004

6:30pm -- Buffet and Social Hour

8pm -- Opening Short Presentations, Ideas and Discussion (5-15 min. each)

Impulsivity in Rats Predicts Subsequent Cocaine Self-Administration. Gregory J. ?Madden, Marilyn Carroll, Jennifer Perry, Erin Larson and Jon German (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)

What do YOU Mean by "Voluntary"? Alan Neuringer (Reed College)

Pavlov and St. Petersburg. Stan Weiss (American University)

Discussion of the "Interdependence" problem posed by Frank Logan. (Moderated by Stan Weiss)

Sunday, February 8, 2004

4pm -- Learning, Choice and Context Effects
Cody Brooks, Chair

Temporal Contiguity and Contingency. Lorraine Allan, & J. Tangen (McMaster University) (20 min.)

An Evaluation of the Rapid Demand Curve Assay Procedure Commonly Used in the Behavioral Economics Literature. Gregory J. Madden & Ryan Rowe (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) (15 min)

The Current Status of the "Hedonic-Shift" Hypothesis of Nutrient-Conditioned Flavor Preferences. Kevin Myers (Bucknell University) (20 min.)

Learning and Memory in Aged Rhesus Monkeys: Patterns of Impairment and Correlations with Brain Volume. Martha Neuringer, Steven Kohama, Noelle Landauer and Josephine Gold (Oregon Health & Science University) (20 min.)

10 Minute Break

Learning, Choice and Context Effects (continued)

Context Effects on Latent Inhibition and Renewal in a Human Conditioning Task. James Byron Nelson and Maria del Carmen Sanjuan (Central Arkansas University) (20 min.)

Perceptual learning, Flattening Generalization Gradients, and Contextual Change. Maria del Carmen Sanjuan and James Byron Nelson (Central Arkansas University) (20 min)

More on Partial Reinforcement in Pavlovian Conditioning. Bill Timberlake (Indiana University) (15 min.)

Monday, February 9, 20004


The Ghost in the Addict: Drug Anticipation and Drug Addiction
Shep Siegel
McMaster University

5:15pm -- Focus Session I:
Associative Mechanisms and Drug-Related Behavior
Mark Reilly, Chair

Place Conditioning: An unexploited Model of Associatively-Motivated Choice Behavior. Rick A. Bevins (University of Nebraska) (15 min.)

Investigations of Intraincentive Selective Associations When Behavior is Maintained by Food, Shock-Avoidance or Cocaine Self-Administration. Stanley Weiss, David Kearns, Scott Cohn, Charles Schindler and Leigh Panlilio (American University and NIDA Preclinical Research Laboratory) (20 min)

Strength of drug seeking is determined by drug dose and associated stimuli in cocaine self-administering rhesus monkeys. Patrick Beardsley and J. Newman (Virginia Commonwealth University) (15 min.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

4pm -- Focus Session II:
Associative Mechanisms and Drug-Related Behavior (continued)
Stan Weiss, Chair

Ethanol Ataxia Tolerance. Cody Brooks (Denison University) (15 min.)

Preference for an Alcohol-Paired Flavor in Selectively Bred Rats. Nancy Dess (Occidental College) (15 min.)

Drug Contexts as Occasion Setters: Conditional Stimulus Modality and Drug Feature Pharmacology Affect Goal Tracking Topography in Rats. Matt Palmatier and Rick Bevins (University of Nebraska) (15 min.)

Sign Tracking of Drug-Paired Stimuli in the Rhesus Monkey. Mark P. Reilly, Sonja I. Berndt, James H. Woods and Gail Winger (Central Michigan University and University of Michigan) (20 min.)

Chronic Cocaine Pretreatment Facilitates Future Sexual Conditioning. Chana Akins and Neil Levens (University of Kentucky and Indiana University of Pennsylvania) (20 min.)

Cocaine-Induced Reinstatement Following Extinction With & Without Cocaine-Associated Stimuli. Patrick. M. Beardsley & K. L. Shelton, (Virginia Commonwealth University) (10 min.)

7:30pm -- Dinner at Fontenot's

Wednesday, February 11, 2004 -- Check out time is 10am

2004 WCALB Organizing Committee
Stan Weiss, Convener & Program
Rick Bevins
Cody Brooks
Mark Reilly, Focus Group
Bill Timberlake