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WCALB | Past Program, 2005

Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior 2005
Winter Park, CO
February 5-9, 2005

Saturday, February 5, 2005

6:30pm -- Buffet and Social Hour

8pm -- Opening Presentations, Ideas and Discussion

Methodological and practical aspects of zoological research with mega-herbivores: Tactile same-different discrimination in African elephants.
Ursula Anderson, M. Jackson Marr, & Terry Maple (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Negative automaintenance does not maintain.
Federico Sanabria (Arizona State University)

Sunday, February 6, 2005

4pm -- Drugs and Behavior: Cocaine & Nicotine
Kevin Myers, Chair

Repeated cocaine exposure does not increase sucrose "liking".
Emily D. Klein & Michael T. Bardo, (University of Kentucky) (10 min)

Cocaine and sex: Mechanistic and neural overlap.
Chana K. Akins & E. Harris (University of Kentucky) (15 min)

Self-administration of nicotine and environmental cues under concurrent schedules of reinforcement.
Matt Palmatier, F. Fay Evans-Martin, Alycia Hoffman, Anthony R. Caggiula, Nadia Chaudhri, & Alan F. Sved (University of Pittsburgh) (10 min)

Applying the appetitive-aversive interaction theory of motivation to reduce cocaine self- administration with a non-drug inhibitor.
Stanley J. Weiss & Dave N. Kearns (American University) (15 min)

Effects of US density in an appetitive Pavlovian discrimination task with nicotine as the CS.
Jamie L. Wilkinson & Rick A. Bevins (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) (10 min)

Nicotine as a conditional stimulus: Role of stimulus salience.
Jennifer E. Murray & Rick A. Bevins (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) (10 min)

Monday, February 7, 2005


Rational and Irrational Choice:
Discounting of Delayed and Probabilistic Outcomes
in Rats, Pigeons, and People.
Len Green
Washington University

5:15pm -- Focus Session: Choice in Humans and Other Animals
James S. MacDonall, Chair

An attempt to study delay discounting in humans: Strange doings on an adjusting amount procedure.
Eric A. Jacobs & Brian Kangas (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale) (15 min)

Discounting probabilistic rewards: Is there a magnitude effect?
Joel Myerson (Washington University) (15 min)

An assessment of the substitutability of wheel-running and sucrose reinforcement. Terry Belke, (Mount Allison University) (10 min)

Earning reinforcers and preference.
James S. MacDonall (Fordham University) (15 min)

Milk vs. milk choice in female rats: A prelude to milk vs. drug choice studies.
Carol A. Paronis (McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School) (10 min)

Pavlovian influences on preference in an intertemporal choice procedure: Just how impulsive are pigeons?
Mark Reilly (Central Michigan University) (10 min)

The relationship between component choice and response rate on a multiple schedule.?Stan Weiss & David Thomas (American University & NIDA) (10 min)

8:00pm - Conference Dinner at Fontenot's

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

5pm - Learning & Motivation
Chana K. Akins, Chair

Environmental enrichment decreases responding for visual novelty.
Mary E. Cain (Kansas State University), Thomas A Green, & Michael T. Bardo (University of Kentucky) (10 min)

Contextual cues associated with satiety can influence meal size in rats.
Kevin Myers, (Bucknell University) (10 min)

Formation and use of cognitive maps in rats.
Rebecca A. Singer & Thomas R. Zentall (University of Kentucky) (10 min)

Beacon training can both block and facilitate landmark learning in the water maze.
Bill Timberlake, S. A. Sinning, and J. Leffel (Indiana University) (15 min)

Wednesday, February 9, 2005 -- Check out time is 10am


2005 WCALB Organizing Committee
Stan Weiss, Convener & Program
Rick Bevins
Cody Brooks
James S. MacDonall, Focus Session
Mark Reilly
Bill Timberlake

Five minutes will be added to the presentation times indicated for questions and discussion