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WCALB | Past Program, 2008

Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior
Winter Park, Colorado
February 2 - 6, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008

7:30pm -- Buffet Reception
Snowblaze Building B - Unit 34

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stan Weiss, Chair

Can Animals Cognitively Time Travel to the Past and Future?

William A. Roberts
University of Western Ontario

An interesting issue in comparative cognition is whether animals, like people, can cognitively time travel or think about their past and anticipate their future. Earlier reviews of what evidence was available suggested animals could not cognitively time travel and that they were stuck in time or largely limited to awareness of only the present moment. Their memory was held to be semantic but not episodic. More recent studies from my laboratory and others with birds, nonhuman primates, and rats now suggest that these animals may have episodic-like memory and be able to plan for the future. The comparative implications and possible limitations of these new findings will be discussed.

Ten-Minute Break

6pm--Focus Session
Bill Timberlake, Chair

Remembering and Anticipating Events in Time

Can Rats Engage in Cognitive Time Travel?
Jonathon Crystal (University of Georgia) (15 min)

Rats Anticipate Injections of Addictive Drugs on a Circadian Schedule.
Andrea Gillman (University of Indiana) (15 min)

If Nonhuman Animals Anticipate the Future, How Do They Do It?
Robert Hampton (Emory University) (15 min)

Focus Session Continued on Monday at 4:30pm

Monday, February 4, 2008

4:30pm--Focus Session (continued)
Bill Timberlake, Chair

Remembering and Anticipating Events in Time

The What, When, and Where of Episodic-like Memory in Pigeons: Is it Enough? Rebecca Singer (Georgetown College) (15 min)

The Encoding of Spatiotemporal Information in Time-Place Learning.
Christina Thorpe (Memorial University of Newfoundland) (15 Min)

Time Horizons Revealed by Contrast Procedures.
Bill Timberlake (University of Indiana) (15 min)

Focus Session and Keynote Discussion
Bill Roberts, Jonathon Crystal, Andrea Gillman, Robert Hampton, Rebecca Singer, Christina Thorpe, Bill Timberlake & audience

Ten-Minute Break

6pm—Eric Heinemann Memorial Lecture
Carl Danson, Chair

A Memory Model for Decision Processes in Pigeons.
Sheila Chase (Hunter College of the City University of New York)

7pm—Memory and Stimulus Control
Carl Danson, Chair

Invisible displacement as a pre-requisite for episodic memory?
Holly C. Miller & Thomas R. Zentall (University of Kentucky) (15 min)

Reversibility of Composite-Stimulus Control.
Stanley J. Weiss, David N. Kearns & Maria Antoshina (American University) (15 min)

8pm--Conference Dinner at Fontanot's

TUESDAY, February 5, 2008

5pm--Stress, Punishment, Time Discrimination & Drug Treatment
Cody Brooks, Chair

Cold Stress as a Potential Confound in Sleep Deprivation Procedures Using Water. Scott Cohn (Western State College) and Joseph Long (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research) (15 min)

An Analysis of the Peak Interval Procedure in Rats: A Mathematical/Physical Approach to Time Discrimination in the Early Learning Process.
Takayuki Hasegawa & Shogo Sakata (Hiroshima University) (15 min)

A Punishing Effect of Light in Betta Splendens.
Joe J. Pear, T. L. Martin, T. Sales, H. C. Hurtado, & D. Fazzio. (University of Manitoba) (15 min)

How "The Ghost in the Addict" Can Disrupt Treatment.
Stanley J. Weiss, David N. Kearns, Chesley J. Christiansen (American University) (15 min)

Extinction Across Multiple Contexts: Effects on Renewal and Resurgence.
Jennifer Scobie (ASPCA Animal Behavior Center) (15 min)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 -- Check out time is 10am

WCALB 2008 Organizing Committee

Stan Weiss, Convener & Program
Rick Bevins
Cody Brooks, Program
Mark Reilly
Bill Timberlake, Focus Session

WCALB 2008 Participants

Brent Bolyard <>
Susan Bolyard <>
Sheila Chase <>
Cody Brooks <>
Scott Cohn <>
Jonathon D. Crystal <>
Carl Danson <>
Andrea Gillman <>
Robert Hampton <>
Takayuki Hasegawa <>
Holly Miller <>
Kevin Myers <>
Joe Pear <>
Bill Roberts <>
Rebecca Singer <>
Jennifer Scobie <>
Christina Thorpe <>
Bill Timberlake <>
Stan Weiss <>