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WCALB | Past Program, 2013

Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior
Winter Park, Colorado
February 2 through February 6, 2013


Saturday, February 2, 2013

7:30 Buffet Reception
Snowblaze Building B, Unit 34

All sessions are in the Conference Room that is on the second floor of Snowblaze, main building. The Conference Room will open a half-hour before a session is scheduled to begin for those who want to arrive early and "mingle". Five minutes is added to indicated presentation times for discussion.


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Carl Danson, Chair

Behavioral Dependence

Patrick Beardsley
Virginia Commonwealth University

Jack Bergman
Harvard Medical School

Abstract-- Pharmacological state (or context) and history can direct the expression of learned behavior (e.g., state dependent learning, drug discrimination). Additionally, abrupt drug abstinence can control the expression of learned behavior, a phenomenon that can be defined as behavioral dependence. In this presentation, examples of behavioral dependence will be described and contrasted with physical dependence. In addition, the potential ramifications of behavioral dependence, as well as the implications for regulatory control of drugs, will be considered.


Pharmacological History and the Control and Expression of Learning and Behavior

5:15 Focus Session I
Carl Danson, Chair

Recent Pharmacological History Matters in Smoking Cessation: Modeling the Influence of Initial Smoking Abstinence. Stephen T. Higgins (University of Vermont Medical School) (25-min)

Conditioning History and the Conditioned Inhibition of Drug Seeking. Stanley J. Weiss & David N. Kearns. (American University) (25-min)


Monday, February 4, 2013

4:15 Focus Session II
Scott Cohn, Chair

Amplification of Incentive Learning by Nicotine: Evidence From Operant Conditioning and Pavlovian Conditioned Approach Models. Matthew I. Palmatier & A. Brianna Sheppard (East Tennessee State University) (25-min)

Contextual and Behavioral Control of Antipsychotic-Induced Sensitization and Tolerance. Ming Li (University of Nebraska) (25-min)

Adolescent Nicotine Alters Hippocampal Neuron Morphology. Daniel G. Ehlinger, Hadley C. Bergstrom, Abdullah Ismail, Craig G. McDonald, & Robert F. Smith (George Mason University) (25-min)

Ten-Minute Break

Effects of Nicotine on Response-Withholding Performance in an Animal Model of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Federico Sanabria, Gabriel J. Mazur, Gabriel Wood-Isenberg, & Elizabeth Watterson. (Arizona State University) (25-min)

Acquisition and Escalation of Cocaine Self-Administration During Continuous NMDA Receptor Blockade. Richard M. Allen (University of Colorado-Denver) (25-min)

8:15pm--Conference Dinner at Fontanot's


TUESDAY, February 5, 2013

4:00pm -- Enhanced Self-Administration and Incentive-Motivation
Daniel Ehlinger, Chair

Short access procedure for studying escalation of cocaine self-administration. Richard M. Allen (University of Colorado-Denver) (15-min)

Neurobiological mechanisms of antipsychotic sensitization and tolerance: Some preliminary findings. Ming Li (University of Nebraska) (15-min)

Experimenter-Administered Caffeine Increases Alcohol Self-Administration in Rats. Matthew I. Palmatier, Scott A. Jones, A. Brianna Sheppard (East Tennessee State University) (15-min)

The Instrumentally-Derived Incentive-Motive Function: Introduction and Implications. Stanley J. Weiss (American University) (20-min)

Ten-Minute Break

5:30pm – Research Seminar Session: Pharmacological History and the Control and Expression of Learning and Behavior. Patrick Beardsley & Jack Bergman, Facilitators Richard Allan, Dan Elinger, Steve Higgins, Ming Li, Matt Palmatier, Federico Sanabria and Stan Weiss with contributions by all conference participants encouraged.


WCALB Organizing Committee

Stan Weiss, Convener & Program
Patrick Beardsley, Focus Session
Jack Bergman, Focus Session
Rick Bevins
Cody Brooks
Mark Reilly, Program


WCALB 2013 Participants

Richard Allen
Melinda Beane
Jack Bergman
Scott Cohn
Carl Danson
Dan Ehlinger
Steve Higgins
Ming Li
Anna Marshall
Matt Palmatier
Federico Sanabria
Kate Short
Blake Todd
Hannah Trautwein
Stan Weiss

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