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Public Health | BA Program


Jolynn Gardner
Program Director
Mary Graydon Center 328

BA in Public Health

Bachelor of
Arts in
Public Health

BA in Public Health

The public health bachelor of arts degree is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the social and behavioral aspects of health. The 47 credit hour BA is the degree of choice for someone who is interested in pursuing a career in the social and community health aspects of public health, program planning, and the development and assessment of public health projects. Graduates will also be well positioned to continue their education in a number of different health areas, such as allied health, public health, or medicine.

At 47 credit hours, the public health BA degree can be a first or second major. In addition, the BA pairs well with numerous minors offered at the university, including economics and psychology.


Admission & Requirements

Admission is through formal declaration of major.

Please see complete Public Health BA admission and requirements info in the AU Catalog.

Please note also new elective course options:


ANTH 350 Special Topics: Biological Anthropology
SOCY-396 Health Disparities
SOCY-596 Health and the City
HFIT 296 Health and Social Media


SISU-250 Environmental Sustainability
SISU-350 Health Communication Across Borders
SISU 319 Politics of Population
SISU-419 Health and Development
SISU-419 Third World Cities
SISU-419 History of Global Politics of Disease
SISU-419 Health Communication


SPA-370 Environmental Policy
GOVT-596 Health Care Reform in the US
GOVT-596 Politics & U.S. Health Policy
SISU-419 Bioterror in the 21st Century
SISU-419 Health in the Developing World
SISU-419 Sustainable Cities
SISU-419 Field Research in Health Communication

HFIT-4xx/6xxHeath Communication
SISU-419 Health Communication (please add to this section)
SISU-350 Health Communication Across Borders
COMM-580 Strategic Health Communication


BIO-496 Topics in Disease
PSYC-597 Behavioral Neuroscience of Addiction

Global Health

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