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Public Health | Cohort Course Sequence

Course Sequencing

The carefully sequenced courses in the program allow students to study the area of public health they are passionate about, while expanding their college experience to include other areas of interest.

The first year of the program lays the foundation for the public health major and the study abroad experience. Select classes are taken as a cohort with other members of the program. Students coming in with college credit through AP or IB classes will be able to take advanced courses or electives.

Year One

Fall (15 credits)

  • Introduction to Public Health, a special section taken as a cohort that introduces students to the public health needs in the neighborhoods of Washington, DC
  • General Biology I
  • College Writing
  • Basic Statistics

Spring (15-17 credits)

  • Global Health
  • Bioethics
  • College Writing
  • Choice of General Education course
  • Community-Service Learning

Summer (12-15 credits)

  • Choice of two public health electives
  • Introduction to Studying Abroad, a course that introduces students to the culture, food, and language of the study abroad location
  • Choice of two General Education courses that can also meet the requirements for a minor or second major

Year Two

Fall (14-17)

  • Study Abroad in a program specially developed for students enrolled in the Public Health Program
  • Classes in Epidemiology and other areas in Public Health, as well as at least one class focusing on the culture of the host country

For the remainder of the program, students work closely with their Academic Advisor to select classes that suit specific areas of interest in public health.