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Bilingual Education MA

Bilingual Education MA

MA in Bilingual Education

The MA in bilingual education prepares educators and policymakers who plan to work both domestically and internationally in the field of bilingual education. Thanks to its three program tracks, the program provides candidates with up-to-date knowledge of the foundations, social contexts, and pedagogical approaches of bilingual education from an interdisciplinary and collaborative curriculum. In addition, the program creates conditions for students to gain hands-on expereince in bilingual education through existing SETH and TESOL partnerships with schools and language education programs in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. 


Admission to the Program

In addition to meeting the minimum university requirements for graduate study, applicants must earn a satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). The GRE is required for applicants whose highest earned degree is a baccalaureate and for students who have completed a master's degree with less than a 3.5 GPA, and may be required for those with a master's degree and a GPA above 3.5.


Degree Requirements

  • 33-36 credit hours of approved graduate course work, including 15 credit hours in the core, completion of one of the approved tracks (TESOL or International Training and Education), and 3 credit hours in a capstone experience Up to 6 credit hours may be transferred from relevant graduate level course work completed at other accredited institutions, and approved by the program director at the time of admission.
  • Program of study submitted by the end of the first semester of enrollment in the program and approved by the program director and the dean of the School of Education, Teaching and Health
  • Capstone experience: complete one of the following: EDU-652 Bilingual Education Capstone (3) or TESL-620 English Language Teaching III (3).


Course Requirements

Core (15 credit hours) 

Note: Successful completion of the core also satisfies the requirements for the Certificate in Bilingual Education. 

  • EDU-650 International Perspectives on Bilingual Education Policy and Practice (3)
  • EDU-651 Social Context of Bilingual Learners (3)
  • TESL-500 Principles of Linguistics (3)
  • TESL-522 Language Acquisition (3)
  • TESL-528 Foundations of Bilingual Education (3)


Tracks (15-18 credit hours in one of the following tracks):

International Training and Education (15 credit hours) 

  • EDU-598 Comparative and International Education (3)
  • EDU-610 Overview of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategies (3)
  • EDU-612 Equity and Educational Opportunity (3)
  • EDU-618 Human Growth and Development across the Life Span (3)
  • EDU-642 Training Program Design (3)

TESOL (18 credit hours)

  • TESL-501 English Language Teaching I (3)
  • TESL-502 English Language Teaching II (3)
  • TESL-527 Cultural Issues in the ESL/EFL Classroom (3)
  • TESL-531 Language Assessment (3)
  • TESL-541 Teaching Grammar (3) or TESL-542 Teaching Pronunciation: Theory and Practice (3)
  • TESL-545 Curriculum and Materials Design (3) or TESL-554 Technology for Language Learning and Teaching (3) 

Capstone Experience (3 credit hours)

  • EDU-652 Bilingual Education Capstone (3) or TESL-620 English Language Teaching III (3)

Bilingual Education Research

Joanna Whitaker and Kelsey Anderson

Graduate students demonstrate wide range of research in training and education program.

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