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SETH | Full-Time Faculty Research Interests

Alida Anderson 

Development of literate oral language by preschool age children with language impairments and typical language, relationships between cross-linguistic features of tone and reading abilities, and the development and implementation of a response-to-intervention mathematics practice for teaching place value and number concepts to primary grade students with diverse language and learning needs in distressed urban school settings.


Sarah Irvine Belson

Infusing effective components of instructional design with emerging technology across the field of education

Frederic Jacobs

The role, function, and impact of higher educational theory and practice in adult learning; public policy and education; quantitative research

Robert Karch

Health promotion and health care cost containment for multinational corporations, global health policy, health promotion programs for international and underserved urban populations, health care reform, employee health promotion programs, exercise physiology, health and fitness trends, sports psychology  

Adrea Lawrence

American Indian education history, education policy history, disciplinary learning and thinking in history and the social studies

Erin O'Neill

Health of children, adolescents, and college students as they transition through their educational careers

Anastasia Snelling

Nutrition, health communication, health promotion


Charles Tesconi

Equality of educational opportunity, child poverty and educational opportunity, schools that are successful with poor children


Vivian Vasquez

Critical literacy, early literacy, and information communication technology


Stephen Vassallo

Implicit and explicit roles that choice, control, autonomy and freedom play in efforts to teach and learn self-regulation


Elizabeth A. Worden

History teaching in transitional states, citizenship education, nationalism and national identity, education in the former Soviet Union, and international exchange