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Health Promotion Management | Master's Program

MS in Health Promotion Management

Degree Requirements

  • 40 credit hours of graduate work 
  • Tool of research: students must complete the tool of research examination or HFIT-565 Quantitative Assessment with a grade of B or better
  • Thesis or internship option 
  • One written and one oral comprehensive examination 

Course Requirements

  • HFIT-510 Applied Human Physiology and Testing I (4) 
  • HFIT-540 Health Communication (3) 
  • HFIT-550 Programming for Health Promotion (3) 
  • HFIT-555 Research Methodology  (3) 
  • HFIT-560 Health Promotion in Healthcare (3) 
  • HFIT-565 Quantitative Assessment (3)
  • HFIT-618 Strategic Planning in Health Promotion (3) 
  • HFIT-620 Critical Issues (3) 
  • HFIT-645 Nutrition for Health (3)
  • HFIT-650 Behavior Change in Health Promotion (3)
  • HFIT-682 In-Service Training (3) or HFIT-797 Master’s Thesis Research (3)  
  • 6 credit hours in one of the following areas of emphasis: 


  • HFIT-575 Global Health (3) 
  • MGMT-633 Leading People and Organizations (3) 

Exercise Physiology

  • HFIT-515 Applied Human Physiology and Testing II (3)
  • 3 credit hours in approved graduate course work in exercise physiology

Global Health

  • HFIT-575 Global Health (3)
  • HFIT-585 Global Health Policy (3)

Health Communication

  • COMM-640 Public Communication Principles (3) 
  • COMM-642 Strategic Communication Management (3) 

Health Policy

  • HFIT-575 Global Health (3)
  • HFIT-580 Health Policy and Behavior Change (3)

Nutrition Education (6 credits from the following)

  • HFIT-570 Strategies for Weight Control (3)
  • HFIT-610 Lifecycle Nutrition (3)
  • HFIT-630 Nutrition Education Methods (3)


Program Video

Get an inside look into the Health Promotion Management MS Program. Faculty, program alumni, and current students say what sets this program apart.

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Alumna Honored

Sue Liebenow

Health promotion MS alumna Susan Liebenow has been praised by Washington SmartCEO as a business leader and runs L&T Health and Fitness in Washington, D.C.

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